Rail tie and waste wood chips


With literally millions of rail ties at his disposal our source can provide thousands of tons of rail tie wood chips per month on a regular basis. He also produces thousands of tons per month of construction and demolition waste wood chips.

The rail ties are ground into small chips about 3 inches or less in diameter as seen in the photos above, and can be made smaller if needed. They are a great source of fuel for biomass energy and power companies to generate power, as they burn at a higher BTU rate than regular wood chips.

Spec sheets are available for both types of wood chips. The rail tie wood chips are FSC Certified.

If your requirements are significant my client is willing to build a chipping facility right at your power plant, so long as it has a rail spur.

For overseas clients, the owner is willing to build a chipping facility in Baltimore, MD to service European accounts. He is also willing to build a chipping facility on the West Coast of the USA to serve any Asian clients.

Contact us if you are interested in these wood chips.

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